Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who can join the Brown Club of San Francisco?

A:  Anybody who attended Brown or parents of Brown students. You don’t need to pay for your membership - you’re already a member!


Q:  Which club do I belong to -- the Brown Club of San Francisco or the Brown Club of Silicon Valley?

A:  The Brown Club of San Francisco and the Brown Club of Silicon Valley are sister organizations, and alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend events led by either club. The two clubs will co-promote certain events, but will each focus on the unique needs of their geography.  


Q:  Are the North Bay and East Bay included?

A:  The North Bay and East Bay are of course included, and we welcome North/East Bay alumni to join the Brown Club of San Francisco.


Q:  How can I learn more or hear about upcoming events?

A:  Please join our email list to receive club updates, check our events page frequently, and contact us if you have any additional questions, comments, or ideas!


Q:  I have an event I'd like to share with fellow alumni. Can I submit an event to the newsletter or website? 

A:  BCSF is always happy to hear from local Brown alumni regarding events that may be of interest to other alumni in the Bay Area. Some of the types of events we share include:

  • Events featuring one or more alumni (e.g. performances, book talks, etc.)

  • Events geared toward alumni networking and socialization (e.g. Class of ‘90 meetup, Jabberwocks alumni performance, etc.)

We will not promote events that directly profit an alumni’s business or organization unless the event directly benefits our alumni base and aligns with our mission. Whether an event fits this description is at the discretion of the BCSF board. While we cannot guarantee that every event will be shared with our email list, we will do our best to include information about events that we deem appropriate to the Club’s mission.

If you would like us to consider your event, please email us the following information at least six weeks prior to the event:

  1. Event title

  2. Event date and time

  3. Event location

  4. Event summary (no more than two sentences)

  5. Longer Event Description (optional)

  6. Any additional information (discount codes for Brown alumni, link to tickets, event images, etc.)

We reserve the right to edit your event description for clarity, and we cannot guarantee that your event will be published in any of our materials. For additional visibility, please consider posting your event in the Brown in San Francisco Facebook group and/or the Brown in Silicon Valley Yahoo group.