Meet the Brown Club of San Francisco Board


Cory Abbe '13, Co-President

Cory is a proud Oregonian, but will give up those rainy days for the San Francisco fog any day. She works as a Project Engineer at DPR Construction along with many fellow Brown alumni.

Academic Athlete: Cory was captain of the women's varsity fencing team, and was part of the committee that renamed the former COE degree to BEO (Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations).


Lisa Ryers '90, Co-President

Lisa is an architectural designer and content provider with Studio Potrero. Since 2005, she has also worked as a San Francisco City Guide, sharing the city's unique architectural and cultural history with visitors and residents alike. A former editor at the BDH, Lisa's creative outlet for photographic and video work can be found at Freshman dorm? Second floor Perkins.

Perkins Power: As a first year resident of Perkins, the Ratty ("Ice cream machine broken, go to other side") trumps the VDub for pure survival. Lisa remembers smuggling many boxes of Crackln' Oat Bran out to maintain life during snowy winters. 


Kelsey Tripp '13

Kelsey moved to San Francisco after graduation and is loving the California life and all of its fresh produce. She was president of her class at Brown and puts her degree in Computer Science to use as a software engineer at a FinTech startup.

Foodie Fantasy: Kelsey's favorite thing about Providence is all of its top-notch food establishments (the CIT meal plan not included).

Dave Morris '88

Dave has served Brown in a variety of capacities since he graduated.  He’s been on the Board of the Brown Clubs of DC, New York, and now San Francisco.  He’s also been a class officer for his class and has served as a BASC Area Chair and Regional Coordinator.  At Brown, though concentrating in Political Science, he took classes in 13 other departments and ultimately got a Masters in Engineering (from one of our Ivy rivals) despite never taking a math class at Brown.  He is also one of the few Brown alumni to host a Brown Club event on his roof.  While not wealthy enough to donate a building to Brown, he did donate an electrical outlet.  

What he misses about Brown:  Dave has fond memories of the days when you could reach anyone on campus via four-digit dialing from ubiquitous outdoor Campus Phones.  He even suggested some mnemonic phone numbers for campus institutions such as x3663 for the Ratty, x2665 for the Rock, x2677 for the Dept. of Public Safety, and x7425 for Health Services.  Sadly, none were implemented.  (Hint: look at your phone to figure it out.)

Jeanie Chang '91

After Providence, Jeanie lived in Boston for twenty years where she practiced vascular surgery & served of the Brown Club Board of Directors.  At her tenth reunion, she ran into classmate Dana Burd from CA--a wedding, a baby & a westward migration later, she finds herself happily relocated in San Francisco.

Perfect Meal in Providence (c. 1991):  Steamers from Hemenway's, a TurkeyBacon&Swiss sandwich from the Silver Truck, a side of Cape Cod Potato Chips with a Del's Lemonade, & ice cream from Big Alice's.

Hawlan Ng '93

Hawlan is a psychologist in private practice in San Francisco, as well as an executive coach. He also has appeared on stage and in films and commercials as an actor and hand model. He lives with his wife and boy/girl twins.

Fun Fact:  Hawlan was known as "The Ngstigator" during his time as a sports columnist and editor for the Brown Daily Herald.

Stephanie Vasquez '13

While at Brown, Stephanie lived in Champlin Hall and the Machado French House. After college, Stephanie traded studying on the Main Green for sunbathing in Dolores Park. Currently, Stephanie is a management consulting analyst at ZS Associates. 

Fun Fact: Stephanie took language classes in 3 separate departments while at Brown. Her Russian improves considerably after a Moscow Mule.


Lexi Nuttbrown '15

Lexi was born in the Bay Area, and split her time between France and Silicon Valley before starting her English degree at Brown. Since graduating in 2015, she has alternated years living on both coasts, returning to Providence to study interactive design at RISD. She now works as a user experience designer at a cloud monitoring startup in San Mateo. When she’s not thinking about use cases and pushing pixels, Lexi performs improv comedy, participates in performance driving events, and attempts to keep her succulents alive.

Fun fact: At Brown, Lexi co-headed the improv group Comic Sans and lived on blue state coffee and blue room muffins.


Sarah Kandath '15

At Brown, Sarah concentrated in Biology with a focus on Physiology. Now as a Bay Area t transplant, she still keeps in touch with her science roots through management consulting at ZS Associates, albeit tangentially.

Fun fact: Sarah was captain of Brown's varsity tennis team; on occasion you may see a rare sighting of her on the courts in Dolores park, trying to channel her inner Serena.    



Oladele Ojo ‘16

A Neuroscience major at Brown, Oladele loved Jo’s spicy withs so much he stayed for a fifth-year completing a master’s in biotechnology management. He now works as a management consulting analyst at ZS Associates. While not in class or working at any of the eateries, Oladele played rugby and enjoyed climbing Brown various buildings most notably Metcalf and the Rock.

Fun Fact: Oladele is part of the last of class of true Perka Knights (freshman year residents of Perkins) and living a year in the most isolated part of Brown has spurred a travel bug in him. He has now visited more countries than states.



Kelly Devlin ‘11

Kelly is a software engineer at Amazon Music. At Brown, she studied evolutionary biology and was station manager at WBRU. Since graduation, she’s also lived in Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle and has worked in three different industries. 

Fun Fact: Kelly grew up listening to WBRU every day but had no clue that it was run by Brown students until attending ADOCH. It was a big part of her life while at Brown and she’s still actively involved with the organization.


Phan Ha ‘13

Originally from New York City, Phan moved to California after graduation. She teaches at a public school in San Francisco. She moves often; she has lived in four different neighborhoods in San Francisco in five years but plans to stay in the West Coast for a while.

Fun Fact: Phan's guilty pleasures were waiting in long lines for chicken quesadillas at Jo's or a rice bowl at Mama Kim's.